Art and Experience: The organizers of the 35th Fajr International Theater Festival paid a visit to Fire Station 46 in Tehran on Friday night, expressing their sympathy to the firefighters who lost two of their colleagues in the collapse of the Plasco Building.

They also placed flowers in front of the pictures of the deceased firefighters as well as lighted candles in memory of the victims of the tragedy, some Persian media announced on Saturday.

Fire Station 46 commander Jabbarzadeh expressed his thanks to the organizers and said, “This is our job and we are always on call; your sympathy encourages us to be of service to our people.”

The Plasco Building, a 17-storey commercial center in downtown Tehran, collapsed after a raging fire on Thursday.

Dozens of rescue teams are currently trying to unearth about 50 people buried under the rubble.

The Fajr theater festival opened on Friday in Tehran and will run until January 30.