Art and Experience: ‘Istanbul Juncture’ themed on Plasco tragedy in Iran is set to premiere at the latest edition of Fajr Film Festival.

Mostafa Kiaee’s latest offering will appear for the first time on February 4 at 36th edition of Fajr Film Festival in Iran for media people.

The special screening is to be held at Mellat Cineplex in Iranian capital city of Tehran.

Kiaee who also wrote the script for the flick told local media on Monday that in advance of the Plasco tragedy anniversary that killed some of our countrymates in Iran, I should say it took a great deal of efforts to make my movie “based on evidence from the incident.”

The 2018 edition of the Fajr Film Festival is slated for February 1-11 in Iran.

The flick costars Bahram Radan, Mohsen Kiaee, Sahar Dowlatshahi, Mahoor Alvand and Mehdi Pakdel.

A tragic collapse of high-rise landmark building Plasco in Tehran occurred last January, killing several people including brave firefighters in Iran. The fire, explosion, and collapse incident was a national tragedy that will mourn Iranians upon the anniversary arrival for years to come.

Source: ifilmtv