Art & Experience: “Lest Day” the first feature movie of Faeze Azizkhani was screened in Art & Experience Cinema Group during spring and got positive feedback. This director in her last words with Art & Experience site mentioned writing an screenplay named “Retardation” for her second movie but it seems that she abounded that screenplay and started another one.

“During last months I was busy writing an screenplay which I abounded at the end and started writing some thing else again. In these last months it happened several times that I start some thing to be prepared for producing but it didn’t happen, at the end I let go of Retardation screenplay even though I spent two months on it, it didn’t make me satisfied and I decided to start from the start. The new screenplay is like my previous works but it has basic differences in its shape. During writing the screenplay I specifically think of a famous figure in the cinema which I feel the role is suitable for him.” Azizkhani told Fars news about her new work.

“In this screenplay I’m focusing on the life of a man and we are going to watch his life from his childhood until he gets old and dies, most of the story will be in Tehran but the locations are vast.” The director of “Lest Day” says about the subject of the screenplay she is writing.

“The scrupulosity in writing always has been with me but I think its better to use it during screenplay writing because the most important parts of a movie happens in this part and it has high sensitivity. “Azizkhani added.