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Iranian movies “Faces without Visage” and “Don’t Tell Anyone” have won awards at the 24th Faludi International Film Festival and Photo Competition in Hungary.

Directed by Hesam Rahmani, “Faces without Visage” won third prize in the animation competition.

Rahmani has said, “It’s almost six years that my father has been suffering from dementia and he is disconnected from reality.

“He is unable to remember faces and names. The disease eventually took away his independence so that my family and I became the feet, hands and mind of my father. Through these years I was thinking about setting up scenes, shooting film and making a movie about this subject.

“It’s all about memory care and when I was looking through family portraits and old photo albums of my parents, I found so many attractive characters and incidents and weird emotions, which were already making a story by themselves.

“So I focused on the pictures and used just three scenes that were filmed by a camera. My father’s disease combined with a minimal story formed this movie. I dedicate this movie to my father and all the people struggling with dementia.”

“Don’t Tell Anyone” directed by Sahar Sotudeh, was selected second best short drama.

The film follows Baran, a 15-year-old girl who is molested by her father. She leaves home to look for a solution to this situation.

“Nina” by Bulgarian director Hristo Simeonov won first prize in this category.

Nina, a 13-year-old pickpocket with a sharp and wise look, is checking the content of a man’s wallet she has just stolen. She is staring at the unknown family pictures with curiosity and sadness – A little later, Nina is captured in her next attempt to steal. Surprisingly, the victim Yana refuses to surrender Nina to the police and decides to pay a little attention to the girl, taking her to lunch.

Spanish director Gonzalez Fernandez’s “Like Any Other” was named third best film in this section.

In the animation category, the award for first best film went to “After the Eclipse” by Bea R. Blankenhorst from Argentina, while “Umbrella” by Ukrainian director Daria Dodon won the award for second best film.

Source: Tehrantimes