Art and Experience: Extra Showtimes for two Art and Experience movies were considered in Shiraz. “I want to be King” documentary by Mehdi Ganji and “Fish and Cat” directed by Shahram Mokri two movies that have been considered for extra hours.

Art and Experience cinema of Shiraz in Hafezieh complex will have extra hour on Saturday 30 January at 21. 30 for “Fish and Cat” and on Sunday 31 January at 10 PM for “I want to be king.”

“Fish and Cat” has been on Art and Experience screen since 5 November and it is still on the screen. “Fish and Cat” is one of the most well-received movies among Art and Experience films and has gotten the most attention. “I want to be king” is screened from July and it will end on 31 January. In fact, this extra hour is the last screening of “I want to be king”.