Art and Experience:

Six Iranian films will be screened at the 33rd Exground Filmfest in Wiesbaden, Germany.

“Family Relations” by Nasser Zamiri will compete in the main section of the festival, which will run from November 13 to 22.

The documentary depicts a tragicomic family saga, in which all the members of a large Iranian family are against their father, Hajji Baba.

Five films will also go on screen in a section dedicated to Iranian shorts.

For years now, short films from Iran have been an integral part of the Exground filmfest.

“The Visit”, “Nightclub”, The World’s Last House”, “Fibula” and “Elders” are the shorts from Iran.

“The Visit” by Azadeh Musavi is about a young girl and her mother on their way to visit the father in jail.

“Nightclub” by Davud Rangkhaneh shows Arman who goes to a nightclub at the invitation of his friends. That night, something is going to happen.

“The World’s Last House” by Amir Gholami is a dark comedy about a person living in an isolated village in Sanandaj, Kordestan Province. He wants to solve the problems of the people in the village, however, another person decides to kill him.

Fibula” by Davud Rezai portrays Esmaeil, an unemployed man who has to provide a living for his mother and brother. How far would he go to get the money?

“Elders” co-directed by Parisa Sedai-Azar and Ramin Farzaneh is about an elderly man who tries to escape from a retirement home. But after various vicissitudes, he finds the desire to return to live there.

Source: Tehrantimes