Art and Experience:  Jessica Hausner, the Austrian director of “Little Joe”, one of the films in the fourth European Film Week, explained in an exclusive video about the genre and perspective of the film. The film was screened today, Saturday, November 7th, on the first day of the fourth week of the European film week on the Hashour website.

“The subject of some horror films is about plants that attack people, which is also in American cinema, and that sparked my interest in writing ‘Little Joe’ based on horror films,” Hausner said.

She explained his purpose for making this film: “My purpose in making this film was definitely to refrain from any naturalism. “Little Joe” tells the audience with a completely fake appearance that was also intentional. This film is not related to reality. “In fact, the images in the film are a kind of psychological perspective of the work and the characters in search of the truth.”

The director continued: “Little Joe questions the relationship between a mother and son and addresses the identity of those who think they know their loved ones well and talks about this disturbing and destructive suspicion. “In fact, all the real emotions in this film are questioned.”

The fourth European Film Week will be held from November 7 to 16, 2020. In this program, in addition to showing 16 prominent European films online, live review and analysis sessions have been prepared.