Art and ExperienceThe international ‘End of Daesh’ art competition has wrapped up in Tehran, with military officials and families of the anti-terrorism martyrs among the audience.

The ceremony praised the families of the shrine defense martyrs, and awarded the winners of contests held in the categories of cartoon, caricature and poster.

Military officials participating in the event welcomed the martyrs’ families, who lost their sons in the Iranian battle against the US-backed terrorist group of Daesh.

Major General Qassem Soleimani, the commander of Iran’s Quds Force, had declared the end of Daesh in November 2017.

He had in September 2017 announced that the terrorist group would be annihilated within 3 months; a prediction that came true within only two months after the commander’s words.

The liberation of Mosul in Iraq and Aleppo in Syria were the main themes of the cartoon competition.

In the caricature category, artists focused on figures such as the US President Donald Trump and Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu.

The award-winners in the three competition sections are as follows:


1st: Angel Buligan from Mexico

2nd: Mohammad Akbari from Iran

3rd : Pejman Alipour from Iran

Also Jitet Kostana from Indonesia, Mahmoud Nazari and Seyyed-Iman Nouri from Iran received the jury’s special mention.


1st: Amir-Mehdi Hani-Ansari from Iran

2nd: Shankar Parmati from India

3rd: Saeid Shams from Iran

Antonio Manuel Dos Santos from Portugal, Hamid-Reza Sadeq from Iran and Yuakhin Alguer Lopez from Spain received the jury’s special mention.


None of the submissions won an award, but Chayka Vlademir from Russia, Habil Lex Drowinski from Poland, Hamid Nasr from Iran, Lee Shi from China and Luke Dsechimaeker from Belgium received the jury’s special mention.

Toward the end of the ceremony, a chorus of martyr’s daughters recited poems in memory of their martyred dads, and then the festival wrapped up by awarding certificates of honor to the families of the martyrs.

More than 2100 submissions were subsequently made to the festival from 64 countries, including China and the US.

Artists Silvano Melo from Brazil and Alexander Faldin from Russia along with Mohammad-Hossein Niroumand, Masoud Nejabati and Mohammad-Reza Doust-Mohammadi from Iran were on the jury panel of the contest.

Beside Tehran galleries, walls across the Iranian cities will be adorned with huge copies of the award-winning works.

Source: ifilmtv