Art and Experience:  “Empty View” by Ali Zare Qanatnoi from Iran has won two awards at two international festivals in Canada and India.

The movie was named best animation at the Best Short Fest in the Canadian city of Ontario, the organizers announced on September 23.

“Empty View” also won the Best Message award at the Great Message International Film Festival held in the Indian city of Pune last week.

The film is about a mother who keeps a look out for her son to return home from war. She knits him a pair of gloves remembering how her son rubbed his cold hands together on the wintry morning he left. The war goes on; the mother waits. She unravels the gloves and knits them over and over again. When their small home is bombed, the gloves burn into ashes. Mother sits atop the rubble, plucks her white hair one by one and knits the gloves with her hair. Finally spring arrives and the war ends. The mother hears the sound of military boots nearing. She gathers all the strength left in her and walks down the stairs with anticipation.

Source: Tehran Times