Art and Experience: Serbian filmmaker Emir Kusturica will not be visiting Tehran during the Fajr International Film Festival since he is busy completing his new film for screening at the Cannes Film Festival, the Iranian cultural attaché’s office in Belgrade announced on Sunday.

“I am currently trying to complete my new film for screening at Cannes festival, so I will not able to attend the opening the ceremony of the Fajr festival in Tehran,” Kusturica said in a meeting with the Iranian cultural attaché in Belgrade, Mahmud Shalui.

He praised Iranian culture and art and said that he always wanted to visit “the ancient and cultural country” and also added he is ready to travel to Iran during the current year.

At the end of the meeting, Shalui presented Kusturica with a copy of a Serbian version of the Persian masterpiece, the Divan of Hafez.

In his meeting last year with Shalui, Kusturica said that would like to attend the Fajr International Film Festival, which is scheduled to be held in Tehran from April 20 to 25.

He is currently working on his latest drama, “On the Milky Road”, which is scheduled to compete at the Cannes Film Festival during May.