Art and Experience: The last review session of Art and Experience group in year 94, was held yesterday night, Esfand 19th, in Shiraz. This session was allocated to the cinematic movie “Yahya Didnt Keep Quiet”. Wednesday night, with the presence of Tina Pakravan, the producer, and Kaveh Ebrahimpour, the director of “Yahya Didnt Keep Quiet”, criticized the movie after its release with Hamid Reza Momeni and Alireza Eesavi, in position of critic, and executive critic.

The screenplay keeps its story’s childhood

Momeni, stating that we face gray characters that the narration of aunt character and Yahya’s acquaintance with her, are understood with them, described the beginning of the movie as good and added:” Maybe the director wanted to point out the way to see to the audience with this opening of invitation to watch movie.”

Momeni expressed the genre of “Yahya Didnt Keep Quiet” was close to the atmosphere of children and adolescents’ cinema: “The screenplay starts with momentary characterizations and we face the events which guide the audience to a complicated world”.

The critic continued: “The special love of adolescence emerges in the story of movie and the story, with all the suspension and beauty of screenplay, keeps its childhood, but the issue is still problematic.”


We can search for signs forever

The director of “Yahya Didnt Keep Quiet”, according to the opinions of cinema critics, said: “We can search for signs and meaning in movies forever, but this way does not necessarily ends somewhere.”

Ebrahimpour defines the entering to cinema, a hard work. He pointed entering the complex equations of Iran’s cinema and said: “For me, who has made commercials and propagandist movies for years, this complexity was more.”

Ebrahimpour, according to the rhythm and tempo of the movie “Yahya  did not remain silent” said: “ This rhythm is what I chose a tone for narration, and I can’t  define it slow, for it was intentional.  So what should those following the Europe cinema say, after watching the movies of Angelopoulos?”

He stated, in response to the question if this movie can be contained in children genre: “I don’t put my movie in this definition. Although they label the movie painting a black picture, even if at least two of the issues raised in the movie exist in society we should not close our eyes to it. ”

Expressing the bare truth is attractive

Tina Pakravan, the producer of movie “Yahya Didnt Keep Quiet”, also mentioned in this session that: “Such a potential and fluent screenplay it was that I trusted in Ebrahimpour and took the responsibility of its production.”

Tina Pakravan, who directed the movie “Miss”, continued: “I stand by moral with my movies, because expressing the bare truth is attractive.”

The producer of “Yahya Didnt Keep Quiet”, explained about the composition of the cast of this movie: “From the beginning of this cinematic project, we emphasized on the presence of Fatemeh Motamed-Arya as a powerful actress, and the role of young actor, Mahan Nasiri was chosen among a lot of children, more than 200 children, tested by the director, based on the Ebrahimpour’s experience of making propagandist movies.”

The producer of “Yahya Didnt Keep Quiet”, defined the selection of Touraj Mansouri based on the suggestion given to group: “the originality of Mansouri’s acting, besides his nice character is attractive.”

This movie needs readout

 Momeni defined “Yahya Didnt Keep Quiet” as  poetry: “As the people of Shiraz know the poetry of Hafez and they read it again and again, this movie also needs readout.”

He expressed that the movie had some little weak points and said: “If there’s a review of movie, the director can compensate in next movies.”

With the end of review sessions of Art and Experience movies in Shiraz, the release of this group’s movies is continued and until Esfand 22nd, movie playing is done three times a day in the Art and Experience cinema in Shiraz.