Art and Experience:  To separate the Art and Experience section of Fajr Film Festival or not and to hold an independent festival for Art and Experience’s movies has faced different reactions. For this purpose, we interviewed with Kambuzia Partovi, screenwriter and active in cinema guild affairs, about the advantages and disadvantages of this festival. Partovi agrees with holding this festival and thinks it would be better to hold this festivals in other cities than Tehran.

Do you agree with holding an independent festival of Art and Experience rather than holding it as a lateral part of Fajr Festival?

Any festival is a pretty good cultural activity. Each festival even food festival is a contribution to culture field. It’s a great opportunity to hold this festival in Iran and also in the Capital. Especially that Art and Experience is offering another type of cinema.  Art and Experience is self-reliant and can also take part in other activities apart from show and release.

You said holding the festival in the Capital. Is it a better choice to hold this festival in Tehran or in the cities?

Unfortunately, the problem has always existed that cultural activity   is not taken seriously in cities. How serious this need is in the city. Years ago, the Festival of Young Adults was taken seriously in Isfahan. The festival was a great success in its first periods that were only about cultural activity, but when it came to politics, the festival became orphaned. Cities need more cultural activities than Tehran. We are getting lost in different cultural activities, and it would be good to stop the focus. I know only 15 different festivals in Paris, but Cannes Film Festival is held in a village like city; and is so important and the whole France is proud of that and whole world waits for the holding of this festival.

What advice would you have for the internationalization of the festival?

If we want to internationalize such festival, since Art and Experience is so special and empiricist, it will be impossible according to the rules we have.  I think it would be optimistic t say how nice!.. This, is impossible. If it wasn’t, the Fajr international section would have been more important than the festival itself. It is good to reach a point where they demand us for their movies’ participation, not that we look for movies in festivals.

Is it better that this festival include fiction or short films and documentaries can also fit the definition?

 It can easily encompass both short and documentary works.  The definition of Art and Experience would flow more easily in short works and this kind of cinema is basically empiricist.