Art and Experience: Three animations from Iran will be competing in the FluXus Animation Film Festival, taking place in in the Dutch city of Zaandam on February 16, the organizers have announced.

The animations are “Mr. Deer” by Mojtaba Musavi, “The Fox” by Sadeq Javadi and “Fox and Wild Goose” by Reyhaneh Kavosh.

The story of “Mr. Deer” is set in an unknown period of history in a ruined subway station that is similar to those found in modern European cities. People in this society have animal faces and have forgotten their humanity.

“Fox and Wild Goose” tells the story of a wild goose named White Feather. The goose flies to tropical lands with the gaggle of geese. At night, when all are at sleep, White Feather is keeping guard. On the other side a cunning fox is doing some crazy things.

And “The Fox” tells the story of a young fox on the verge of experiencing the first love. Meanwhile, it gets trapped by a hunter. Thus begins the fox’s effort to survive and love, and seek revenge.

There will be multiple screenings for both children and adults, and the audience will vote for the best film at the one-day festival that will be organized by the FluXus art center in Zaandam.

Other animations are coming from different countries, including Belgium, Singapore, Russia, China, Turkey and Brazil.

Source: Tehran Times