Art and Experience:  The leading Dutch director and actress Adelheid Roosen is in Tehran to hold a three-day workshop during the 37th Fajr International Theater Festival, the organizers have announced.

Roosen’s coworker Lauren Rissik also accompanies her during the community theater workshop, which started at the City Theater Complex on Saturday.

The workshop is an urban trip, in which theater practitioners move into a neighborhood and embed themselves in the lives of local residents in order to collect personal stories that they use to create theater.

According to Mahmudreza Rahimi, the director of the education section of the Fajr festival, 21 individuals, including several theater experts, theater students, journalists and critics are collaborating in this workshop project.

Roosen’s goal in this project is to create meaningful encounters between participants and residents and use the results to create theater productions.

For the past decade, Rossen’s work has primarily focused on socially engaged and participatory modes of theater, particularly in relation to the immigrants of the Netherlands.

In her highly acclaimed productions, she has explored the intersection of theater and social justice, and she has been invited to lecture and perform at many of the world’s leading cultural centers and art festivals.

The 37th edition of the festival will run at 38 theaters across Tehran until February 23.

Source: Tehran Times