Art and Experience:  Top Iranian dubber Bahram Zand, who was most famous for his works on the TV series “Navarro” and “The Water Margin”, died of cancer at a Tehran hospital on Saturday. He was 69.

“He was suffering from cancer for several years and unfortunately, he didn’t respond well to treatment,” his colleague, Fariba Ramezanpur, told the Persian service of ILNA.

He lent his voice to many leading characters played by Mel Gibson, Bruce Willis, George Clooney, Russell Crowe, Robert De Niro, Dwayne Johnson, Anthony Hopkins, Jean Reno and John Travolta in numerous memorable movies from the star screened in Iran.

However, he was mostly known for his work on the French TV series “Navarro”, in which he lent his voice to the French detective acted by Roger Hanin.

He was also the director of the dubbers crew for the Japanese serial “The Water Margin”. He gave voice to Lin Chung (Atsuo Nakamura) in the series.

Source: tehrantimes