Art and ExperienceKayvan Karimi’s ‘Drum’ will represent Iran in the 73rd Venice Film Festival in Italy in Critic’s Film.

‘Drum’ depicts the story of a lawyer whose life got completely changed after receiving a package. All the events of the film occur in Tehran city in a dreamlike atmosphere with the black and white images. The “Drum” adapted from a book with the same name, written by Ali-Morad Fadaei-Nia.

The film is a co-production by Iran and France and Karimi’s first long cinematic work. Among his repertoire are ‘Broken Border,’ a documentary and a short film ‘The Adventure of Married Couples’

‘Broken Border’ is a documentary film about smuggling petrol at Iranian Kurdistan borders with Iraq. It won the special Juries Award in Tolfa Mostremp and Leiden Film Festival. It received the Best Documentary Film Award in Filofest Slovenia, FIC Vagón Mexico and received the Silver Aleph at the 13th Beirut film festival.

The non-competitive section of Venice will pay tribute to Abbas Kiarostami for a lifelong of achievement. It will be held in Venice August 31-September 10.