Art and Experience: Negar Moqaddam won the award for best actress at the 21st Shanghai International Film and TV Festival on Saturday for her role in the Iranian director Puya Badkubeh’s debut drama “Dressage”, the organizers announced.

She received the award in the Asian New Talent Award section of the festival.

In “Dressage”, Moqaddam portrays Golsa, a young girl that along with her friends rob a corner shop. But while evaluating the booty, they are dismayed to realize that they forgot to take the security camera footage. One of them must return to the crime scene and retrieve it. The vote falls on Golsa, who bravely completes the mission. Her friends’ behavior makes her think, and she hides the hard drive somewhere in secret. But her accomplices and their well-to-do families, worried about their social standing, put more and more pressure on Golsa.

In the Asian New Talent Award category, “The Road Not Taken” from Chinese director Tang Gaopeng was picked as best film while Yui Kiyohara from Japan was named best director for “Our House”.

The award for best actor went to Ding Xihe from China for his role in “Looking for Lucky”.

Shireen Seno from the Philippines won the award for best screenwriter for her collaboration on “Nervous Translation” and Ao Ieong Weng Fong from China was selected as best cinematographer for his work in “Blue Amber”.

The 21st Shanghai International Film and TV Festival will come to an end with honoring winners in the official competition on Monday.

“Hattrick” by Iranian director Ramtin Lavvafi is competing in this section.

Source: Tehran Times