Art and Experience: ‘Don’t Be Shy’ directed by Reza Maqsoudi has been in final technical stages to get ready for being premiered at the latest edition of the Fajr Film Festival (FFF).

According to a local media report, the flick taking its final technical stages will be ready for a screening run at the 36th edition of the FFF in Iran.

A report citing the film producer wrote the flick needed some minor alterations to get ready to go on the festival’s screen.

The 90-minute ‘Don’t Be Shy’ narrates the story of a couple in old ages, who is expecting a baby.

The situation gets worse for them when their son-in-law, daughter-in-law, grandchild, and neighbors learn about the pregnancy.

Stars such as Ahmad Mehranfar, Shabnam Moqaddami, and Linda Kiani are among the flick cast.

Established in 1982, the Fajr International Film Festival celebrates cultural exchange, displays creative achievements of highly acclaimed cineastes and pays tribute to local and international films.

Since its establishment, the Fajr International Film Festival has played a vital role in the development of Iranian Cinema.

Supervised by Iran’s Ministry of Culture, the festival hosts veteran directors and new filmmakers from Iran and across the world every year.

The 36th edition of the Fajr Film Festival is slated for February 1-11, 2018, in Tehran.

Source: ifilmtv