Art and Experience: There are few certainties over the next four years in America, but one thing does seem assured: an abundance of Donald Trump–inspired art. Ahead of the curve is Argentinian filmmaker Ale Damiani, whose short film “M.A.M.O.N. — Latino vs. Donald Trump” offers a sci-fi vision of what’s to come should the president-elect make good on one of his primary campaign promises.

It begins with latinos of all ages and professions falling from the sky into the Mexican desert, where one of them is greeted by a U.S. Customs intercom that looks and sounds like something out of “Idiocracy.” He’s not only denied re-entry to America but given an invoice for taking up the intercom’s time; after he and his cohort begin angrily shouting, a giant Trump robot emerges from the other side of that massive wall we’ve heard so much about.

“Mr. Trump,” he pleads as the Trumpbot veers toward him, “we are honest people and we only want to ask you to—” and then he gets squashed like a bug.

Source: Indiewire