Art and Experience:Ali Mohammad Ghassemi is one of the best directors of photography in Iranian Cinema. His presence in a film will be the trump card of it. He had “Jamedaraan” on screen this year and his work as a cinematographer was excellent. Whenever he finds a time among his works, he makes short films or documentaries too.

This is his first long film of him which is in “Art and Experience Cinematic Group”. His familiarity with geography of Talesh region caused that he went to there and make a road film. Ghassemi counts his film as the result of spending his own money from his pocket proudly and favor of his real friends. All of these senses mean that he is happy with making the film. Decision of cinematographers to sit on the chair of directors has had different result. We should wait and see what Ghassemi has done.


Director, writer, director of photography, editing, sound engineer, photographer and producer scene: Ali Mohammad Ghassemi- Sound: Behrouz Shahamat- Set Designer: Ali Mohammad Ghasemi, Khosrow Soleimani – Costume Designer: Azam Najafian – Composer: Armin Faridi Haftkhani – photographer behind scene: Mehrshad Kouroshnya – starring: Mahmoud Nazaralyan, Peyman Moghaddami, Asieh Bakhshyzadeh, Nathalie Alonso Casale, Amir Shokrgozar, Mohebat Ghasemi, Arsalan Amiri

Synopsis: Every moment is full of things that you do not know and can not see … young man and women singing in the forest and run the euphoria of their engagement. On the wedding day man is missing. Can not find the past, does not know the future, only the tail that maybe it is him, helpless woman from everywhere, and hits the road, which way …