Art and Experience:  Filmmakers Mehdi Zahhaki and Sajjad Faramarzi are making a documentary on Hossein-Ali Alborz, the founder of the Alborz Foundation Prize.

Actor Jalil Farjad plays the role of Alborz in the two-episode documentary named “Zero and Infinity”.

The documentary explores the life story of Alborz from childhood to death, while the development of his foundation after the Islamic Revolution and interviews with those who have received an Alborz Foundation Prize are also included.

The foundation was established in 1963 to help promote the culture of the country, honor top Iranian researchers and academics, and encourage talented university students.

The foundation has supported and encouraged many individuals over its long years of activity.

Alborz was born in Tehran in 1906 and studied at the Qazaqkhaneh School established by the Russians.

He had good knowledge of English and Russian and continued his studies at Alborz College in Tehran.

He was a hardworking man and was able to obtain licenses from several German companies.

He next established the foundation to encourage talented youth and support top scholars.

He died and was buried in Canada in 1988 where he had traveled to receive treatments.

Source: Tehrantimes