Art and Experience: Directed by Mehdi Bagheri, documentary film 1444 is going to go on screen some time this summer in Iran.

Describing his film, the documentary filmmaker Bagheri said, “The film is a warning to all people across the world.”

“In a world where many are not concerned with environment and contribute to cutting trees, littering in nature and leaving a leaky faucet, the nature is doomed to destruction.”

The film opens with Iran’s beautiful nature of Fars Mountains, Persian Gulf waters, Lorestan Lake, and Tehran’s gorgeous forests.

However, all of a sudden, the scenes turn black and white, as crows’ arrival marks environmental destruction. Traffic jam, smokes rising from factory chimneys, cigarette smoke and piled up trash in forests have all contributed in the environment destruction through which world would come to destruction and end.

Finally the film demonstrates environmental degradation, drought and destruction of forests on earth in the hands of mankind himself which results in his own destruction.

The shooting of the film, started December 2016 and assuming to finish in the end of July 2017, has employed quite a few of shooting techniques in its making.

With over 10 years of experience under his belt in theater, the 25-year old filmmaker, Mehdi Bagheri has already made two documentary films, four short stories and has attended theatrical festivals, worked with top professors and created various characters in theater.