Art and Experience: Veteran Iranian documentarian and researcher Ahmad Zabeti Jahromi said on Wednesday that the most important duty of the Iranian documentary filmmakers is to raise public awareness of the new virus, which has become an epidemic in the country.

“Concern over a virus epidemic has long been a major topic in the history of filmmaking, mostly the realm of science fiction, however, documentary cinema should focus on the issue, which I call a futuristic documentary cinema,” Zabeti Jahromi told the Persian service of MNA on Tuesday.

“The outbreak of the new coronavirus is also an issue, which has drawn world attention and has been on top of the news of what is threatening the world,” he said.

“That is why it is facing a wide reaction in the world and our country is no exception. Therefore, many documentarians should record this issue, which will be of great significance in history in the future,” he added.

“In the current days, the disease has been the major concern in the country, and all the organizations and institutes have considered it a national crisis, and therefore the documentarians need to take action and record the realities about this problem,” he suggested.

Source: Tehrantimes