Art and Experience:A new film has been produced at Iran’s Documentary and Experimental Film Center (DEFC) exploring the big price doctors and medical staff are paying during the coronavirus turmoil in the country.

“‘After These Three Months’ shows the casualties and damages a doctor and a nurse and their families, which were affected by the virus, have suffered and how they have been harmed emotionally,” Mohammad Abdizadeh said in a press release on Saturday.

Nevertheless, the story can be generalized beyond health workers to all people fighting against the COVID-19 pandemic, he noted.

“This film has been focused on social activists, doctors, nurses, medical staff and volunteers, all of whom have played a key role in fighting with the coronavirus,” he added.

“It also shows, despite all shortages, how the doctors can find remedies for the lethal virus, and how much more the new virus takes casualties in densely populated and poor areas,” Abdizadeh stated.

The film crew has also imperiled their own lives by working in risky places such as hospitals and cemeteries in Tehran and Qom.

Numerous experts and officials such as Ali Akbar Velayati, manager of Tehran’s Masih Daneshvari Hospital, and Bahram Sarmast, governor-general of Qom, where the first cases of the COVID-19 infection in two Iranian men were reported in February, have been interviewed in the documentary.

Source: Tehrantimes