Art and Experience: Director Parviz Sheikhtadi has said that Ali Nasirian, the 83-year-old star of his movie “Emperor of Hell”, will amaze filmgoers at the 36th Fajr Film Festival by his strong professional performance.

Nasirian plays the role of an Arab mufti in the movie that sheds light on the Arab muftis’ role in the rise of the extremism of Daesh.

“We will watch one of his brilliant performances and masterpieces,” Sheikhtadi informed the Persian service of FNA on Wednesday.

“His performance is so strong that it can be considered as a workshop for many from the young generation of Iranian actors,” he added.

Sheikhtadi also collaborated with Nasirian in his 2009 anti-Zionist drama, “Saturday’s Hunter”.

“Many young stars will be participating in the Fajr festival with several movies, but Mr. Nasirian will thrill the audience at the event with his mastery in the movie,” he stated.

“His collaboration in the project is regarded booty for us,” he added.

“Emperor of Hell” will be screened in a noncompetitive category of the Fajr Film Festival that will take place in Tehran from February 1 to 11.

Source: Tehran Times