Art and Experience: Abbas Rafei, the Iranian director and producer of the acclaimed drama “Oblivion Season”, has denied a rumor that the film has been produced with funds from a Kuwaiti sheikh.

“I am the director and producer of the film; of course, my friend, Razzaq Musavipur, from Ahvaz holds shares in production of the film,” he told the Persian service of MNA on Sunday.

He said that those people who linked “Oblivion Season” to “Arab sheikhs” aim to undermine the movie’s numerous successes at international events.

He pointed to the films, including “Rebirth”, “The Strangers” and “Songs of My Homeland”, which he made with Arab casts and crews and joked, “Perhaps, I am also an Arab sheikh!”

“Oblivion Season” is about Fariba, an ex-prostitute who starts a new life by marrying her lover but leaving the shadow of her dark past turns out not to be as easy as it had seemed beforehand.

The film has enjoyed a lot of success at several international events.

It won the awards for best feature at the Phoenix Film Festival Melbourne in Australia and the 16th Asiatica Film Mediale in Italy in December 2015.

“Oblivion Season” also received awards for best feature narrative and best screenplay at the Third Annual Rahway International Film Festival in September 2015.

Sareh Bayat who portrays Fariba in “Oblivion Season” also received the awards for best actress at the Universal Film Festival in Kansas City in last October. The Tiburon International Film Festival also honored her with a best actress award in April this year.