Art and Experience: Director Behruz Shoeibi has said that Iran’s ailing economy over the past few years inspired his latest movie “Day of Chaos”.

The film, which premiered at the 38th Fajr Film Festival on Wednesday, tells the story of Emad, a well-known cleric who committed grave errors in his individual and social responsibilities.

“I still believe that clerics are an effective part of our society and we do not intend to generalize the film’s topic to all people, but the film is about someone who makes some serious mistakes,” Shoeibi said during a press conference at the premiere of his film at Tehran’s Mellat Cineplex.

The screenplay has been written by Mehran Kashani who also attended the press conference.

“I wrote the script about a character that is a cleric, so this factor develops sensitivity, because this community is assumed by the public to be dominant in the country’s power structure,” Kashani said.

Shoeibi said, “The film mostly calls on us to consider our innermost events rather than the external incidents,” and added, “Most of us nowadays are trapped by this ignorance, but we need to launch a revolution in our innermost thoughts.”

In an interview published earlier by the Fajr organizers, Shoeibi said, “There are some criticisms [of the current economic situation in the country] in the film,” and added, “I hope these criticisms are regarded, and I hope the film will be able to spread the word about how a large segment of the people are facing economic problems.”

Source: Tehrantimes