Art and Experience: The International Short Film Festival in the German city of Detmold (ISFF Detmold) have picked three Iranian shorts.

“Autumn Leaves” by Mehdi Fardqaderi, “Refugee Camp” by Saeid Naqavian and “Unveiling Ceremony” by Mehdi Bustani will be competing in the festival, which will be held from June 30 to July 2, the organizers have announced.

“Autumn Leaves” tells the story of a man who runs through several options in his head, imagining different futures for himself on a rainy night.

In the low-tech film “Refugee Camp”, the complicated issue of refugees is made simple, it is an exploration of war, immigration and humanity.

In “Unveiling Ceremony”, the scales of justice are going to be unveiled during a public ceremony, while all are unaware that the scales are out of balance.

Short films from all over the world take part in the festival that also welcomes a great number of international filmmakers and artists.

Video installations, concerts and workshops are also arranged on the sidelines of the event every year.