Art and Experience: Both David Lynch and Denis Villeneuve are spending this year look backwards and forwards. The former just wrapped up the third season of “Twin Peaks,” a continuation of the story he first launched way back in the 1990s. Meanwhile, the latter is getting ready to show “Blade Runner 2049” to the world, picking up the reigns from Ridley Scott, and following up the director’s 1982 sci-fi classic. Next, Villeneuve and Lynch will cross paths — sort of — with “Dune.” Lynch attempted a big screen version back in 1984, that wasn’t well received, and now Villeneuve is taking his shot at the Frank Herbert novel’s. And he’s promising to improve on what Lynch did.

Speaking with Yahoo Movies, Villeneuve says that while he’s a “big fan” of Lynch, “Dune” didn’t speak to him at all, and adds that when he tackles the property, it’s going to be more like the source material.

“[David Lynch’s ‘Dune’] wasn’t the movie I was dreaming of. So I would like to bring to the screen what I felt, the images I saw, when I read the book,” he said, adding that it’s “not a reboot or a remake at all…but we are just going back to the novel.”

As fans of Herbert’s book know, Lynch took several liberties with the novel, and peppered his own ideas into his adaptation. Presumably, Villeneuve’s movie will have more fidelity to the original work, and that’s probably the directed being given to screenwriter Eric Roth (“Munich,” “The Curious Case of Benjamin Button”).

No word yet on when the spice will flow on this project, nor when it will hit cinemas.

Source: theplaylist