Art and Experience: Hossein Kondri director of the film “Nobody Won’t Be Died Here,” said the final version of the film is ready to send to the Secretariat of the thirty-fourth Fajr Film Festival.

Kondri the creator of the film”Nobody Won’t Be Died Here” who is present in Art and Experience section of thirty-fourth Fajr Film Festival, said “DCP version of the film is ready in Aria pioneers laboratory and will be prepared and will soon be delivered to the office of the Fajr Film Festival.”

Director and Director of Photography: Hossein Kondori, Script: Bahar Katouzi, Edit: Babak Ghaem, Cinematographer: Sadegh Zangeneh, Set Designer: Amir Hossein Davani, Costume Designer: Neda Nasr, Make-Up: Mohammad Ghomi, Sound Recorder: Mir Shoja Garakouyi, Sound Mixer and Designer: Mohammad Mousavinezhad, Composer: Mehdi Panahi, Photographer: Sahar Tarzi, Cast: Houman Seyyedi, Bahar Katouzi, Mehdi Hosseininia, Reza Behboudi, Producers: Abbas Rafe’ee, Sina Saeedian

“There was a good-sleeping boy that wherever leave him he falls to sleep. Once he understood that he was slept, he tried to shout but he couldn’t.” A psychological drama. The main character is not mental health. He decides to go to military service. The director told that his film was under the influence of films like “Tenant” of Roman Polanski. It means that the mental world of the main character is in the focus and the motor of the story. In such a structure, acting of the main character is an important part of a film and it shows the capability of the filmmaker in growth of the story and film in spite of using limited characters. We should wait and see what Hossein Kondori has done. He was director and director of photography at the same time.

“Nobody Won’t Be Died Here” will be on screen on the last day of the thirty-fourth Fajr Film Festival on Wednesday, 10 February at 15:15 in Milad Tower.