Art and Experience: Iranian short film ‘Delirium’ directed by Vahid and Navid Nami, will take part at the 26th edition of the Paris International Fantastic Film Festival in France.

Directed by brothers Vahid and Navid Nami, the Iranian short film ‘Delirium’ has made it into the competition program of the Paris International Fantastic Film Festival.

“For anyone that opposes the dictatorship, the smallest punishment is to have an ear cut off. On a rainy night, a man finds an ear on the ground,” reads the synopsis of the film.

The Paris International Fantastic Film Festival’s mission is to highlight genre cinema in all its aspects and for all audiences: films may often by atypical, by their content, by their production, by the aesthetics they represent, even by their story. Surprising and daring art pieces, often rare ones, that the PIFFF tries to put – or bring back – in the limelight.

Willing to address an ever wider audience but also to promote current films which may be in the margins of current production, the festival is committed to show film premieres in Paris, most of them screened for the first time in France.

The aim is to create an appealing event to draw the broader public and make people gain interest in the whole programme, to make them more interested in works that they would not have considered watching at first sight.

Source: Mehrnews