Art and Experience: The Documentary and Experimental Film Center (DEFC) plans to celebrate the 80th birthday of documentarian Kamran Shirdel by screening a number of his films on Monday.

“The Mirrors”, “Tehran Is the Capital of Iran”, “Women’s Quarter”, “Women’s Prison” and “Boom-e Simin” are among the films.

“The Night It Rained”, “Paykan”, “Dubai” and “The First Loneliness” will also go on screen.

The screenings will be followed by review sessions, which are scheduled to be attended by critic Khosro Dehqan, the center announced on Saturday.

Shirdel, who is also a photographer and translator, studied architecture and film direction in Rome. He started his career in filmmaking in 1965.

His 1968 film, “The Night It Rained”, has been awarded in several Iranian and international events.

Source: Tehran times