Art and Experience: “Where the Winds Die”, an animated movie about Iraq’s chemical attack on the Iranian town of Sardasht in 1987, has been completed and will be ready for screening within the next two months.

Pejman Alipur is the director of the short movie produced at the Documentary and Experimental Film Center (DEFC).

“It’s a symbolic and formalistic animation,” Alipur had said earlier.

“The film has a poetic look at the daily life in Sardasht three months before the chemical attack, the moment when the attack happened and years after the tragedy,” he added.

“Filmmakers have demonstrated little regard for the chemical attack on Sardasht, and they have mostly focused on the Halabja 1988 chemical attack. Therefore I have always been looking for an idea about the issue to turn it into a film,” Alipur stated.

Iraq bombarded Sardasht in West Azerbaijan Province with chemical weapons on June 28, 1987, killing over 1,000 and injuring over 8,000 civilians, many of whom were permanently disabled.

Source: tehrantimes