Art and Experience: Its not just his name that reminds us Barahani’s words, his journey and evolution carry us to some places in “Secrets of My Land” where he talks about the hook of death with bite of cancer. Ayaz character in “Mamiroo” is the story of un-wanting the life. When he wants death even from the very small parts of his surroundings which is exactly a drought and wilderness, again we remind Barahani. Gradually death stamps every part of his body, takes his feet, and leads his mind to deterioration. It seems that it was reincarnated in him. Its just enough to take a microphone up and then talk with us instead of Ayaz. Power of death is so much strong that it can easily pull the pain over. Pain is belonged to the alive not for Ayaz who is death explorer. However, all of his attempts were set in very poetic frames in beautiful colors and this good visual specialty swallows the audience in the depth of death’s violence without fanfare, but the aesthetics is not forgotten. Considering suspense in understanding the reason of leaving Ayaz, alongside the suspension of his dying goes very elegant. Ayaz is in font of us and death is so close to humans than exotic cheering and crying at night. Death is unifying with Ayaz because he wants it much. It seems that he became to death himself. Everyone has an advice for his return to life but death came and lied down in Ayaz’s bed. Death is more alive than life and life has become dim in the village like electricity. It has no credit. His dog doesn’t go anywhere without Ayaz and it seems that he just repeat a word to us: “Down with human” Whatever Ayaz’s story closes to its end, we understand more that maybe he was right, there was a big deal that when Ayaz fell down to the valley with his mini-bus he felt that and this is why we call it “Crime and Punishment”. Even ants take their revenge from Ayaz, exactly on that time that life has come to his home like a bride and Ayaz with his little power he still has, want to just touch some handmade flowers and listen to lullabies of the girl. Nevertheless, it is too late. Ayaz has wounded life and now life punishes him by death.