Art and Experience: The trailer for Darren Aronofsky‘s mysterious horror/thriller “mother!” starring Jennifer Lawrenceis right around the corner, but it looks like the director is already gearing up new projects. Clearly keeping everyone on their toes, the filmmaker — who has made everything from harrowing drug dramas to Biblical tales to neo-realist redemption stories — is now taking a familiar genre, and giving it a twist.

Aronofsky has been tapped to helm an untitled courtroom drama….sounds pretty dull, right? Well, the twist here is that the script by Joe Epstein is about artificial intelligence, and suddenly, we’re waymore interested. Of course, Paramount and Aronofsky’s own production shingle Protozoa are staying mum on what it’s all about. However, I’d presume any court case involving robots has to do with ethics, morals, and self-awareness, so this could be fascinating stuff.

That’s about all the details for now, and it’s not clear if this will be Aronofsky’s next movie, but there’s certainly a lot of potential in that premise. Could this be his own “Ex Machina“? We’re eager to find out. [Deadline]

Source: theplaylist