Art and ExperienceIranian actor Mehrdad Seddiqian is to star in new series ‘Dance on the Glass’.

Directed by Mehdi Golestaneh, the new flick is to have Seddiqian as new star.

The script for new series which is set to be comprised of 26 episodes is written by Tala Motazedi.

Iran Megastars Mahtab Keramati, Bahram Radan, Amir Aqaee and Mitra Hajjar are the other stars who have joined the project to date.

Born in 1988, Mehrdad Seddiqian made his debut in 2005 with ‘Friday Afternoon’. Later, he made a name for himself by appearing in ‘The Night Bus’ (2006).

So far, he has appeared in a number of series, including ‘Fall of an Angel’ (2011), ‘The Wall’ (2012), ‘Bewilderment’ (2012) and ‘Madineh’ (2014).

He has also played in movies such as ‘The Wall’ (2007), ‘The Third Wave’ (2008), ‘Hidden’ (2010), ‘A Respected Family’ (2011), ‘The Rules of Accidents’ (2012), ‘Unplanned’ (2013), ‘Atomic-Heart Mother’ (2014) and ‘Yellow’ (2016).

Source: ifilmtv