Art and ExperienceNew Iranian picture ‘Crocodile’ is highly likely to receive the go-ahead for summer release in Iranian cinemas.

According to a media report the film ‘Crocodile’ by Masoud Takavar may well make summer appearances at Iranian theaters some time in July.

The helemer told local media, “In a matter of days our cinematic group to screen the film will also be notified.”

Speaking earlier to media on his new cinematic work, director Takavar said, “A while ago, film score composer Sattar Oraki completed the music.”

‘Crocodile’ sits among the adventure-genre films, narrating the story a few young people who want to get what they want overnight by taking a risky route.

The film stars Kourosh Tahami, Andisheh Fouladvand, Hossein Mehri, Reza Yazdani and Elaheh Hesari.

Source: ifilmtv