Art and ExperienceA new teaser trailer for the comedy movie ‘Confiscation’ has been released after its high sale record of USD 3.5 million-plus in Iranian theaters.

Directed by Mehran Ahmadi and produced by Mohammad-Hossein Qasemi, the flick was among movie candidates to hit the big screens during the Persian New Year holidays in Iran.

Set in the US and Armenia, ‘Confiscation’ follows the story of a SAVAK (Iran’s security service before the Islamic Revolution) agent escaping to the US after the Islamic Revolution in Iran.

Among the Iranian stars in the movie are Reza Attaran, Houman Seyyedi, Babak Hamidiyan, Mir-Taher Mazloumi, Hadi Kazemi, and the director Ahmadi.

The movie which is off the screen now, has been among the high-selling movies of the Nowruz screening period and the top hit for several weeks.

‘Confiscation’ has gone on silver screens in the US cinema theaters from April 21, 2018.

The Landmark Regent Theatre in Westwood hosted the premiere of ‘Confiscation’ and received a warm welcome by the audience.

Source: ifilmtv