Art and Experience: The movie “Confessions of My Dangerous Mind,” directed by Houman Seyedi will enter the home network.

In the latest decision of the Home Screening License Council was agreed with the release of six Iranian films and the film “Confessions of My Dangerous Mind” produced by Javad Nowruz Beygi is among these films.

The story of the film “Confessions of My Dangerous Mind” is in 24 hours, tells the story of a man who remembers nothing. After waking up in a wheat field with no memory, a man struggles to discover who he is. He is faced with startling realisations about himself and those around him. He discovers that he has a daughter, and after a drug deal gone wrong, that she has been taken hostage. Production Team/Director : Hooman Seyedi/Screenwriter : Hooman Seyedi/Cinematographer : Peyman Shadmanfar/Editor : Hooman Seyedi, Sara Ahani/Cast : Siamak Safari, Negar Javaherian, Abbas Ghazali, Roya Nonahali/Music : Bamdad Afshar

The film is on screen of Art and Experience Cinema Group since June.