Art and Experience: Iranian director Mostafa Kiai’s latest comedy film “Motreb” has become Iran’s box office hit of the year by grossing 380 billion rials (about $9 million).

Starring Parviz Parastui, Elnaz Shakerdust and Mohsen Kiai, the film tells the story of a low class singer who is forced to leave his job after Iran’s Islamic revolution in 1979.

The movie is followed by Saeid Rustai’s acclaimed drama “Just 6.5” with 270 billion rials (about $6 million).

The comedy films “Texas 2” by Masud Atiabi and “Rahman 1400” by Manuchehr Hadi come next with 250 billion rials ($5.9 million) and 220 billion rials ($5.2 million) respectively.

Acclaimed dramas “When the Moon Was Full” by Narges Abyar and “The Warden” by Nima Javidi took the fifth and sixth places.

“Closed Eyes and Ears” by Farzad Motamen, “Four Fingers” by Hamed Mohammadi, “We Are All Together” by Kamal Tabrizi and “Under the Supervision” by Majid Salehi are also among Iran’s 10 box office hits of the year.

Source: Tehrantimes