Art and Experience: A package containing ten acclaimed movies by Iranian director Puran Derakhshandeh was unveiled at the Film Museum of Iran on Tuesday.

A number of artists and officials attended the unveiling ceremony, Persian media reported on Wednesday.

“Hush! Girls Don’t Scream”, “Eternal Children”, “Candle in the Wind”, “Lost Time” and “A Love without Frontier” are among the films recently released by the Iranian Visual Media Institute.

Speaking at the ceremony, Cinema Organization of Iran Director Hojatollah Ayyubi said, “We are making our best efforts to present a positive, shining image of Iran to the world with our films.”

Addressing Derakhshandeh, he added, “We are happy you are making films and we hope others recognize your efforts. You narrate social problems in your films, and I must say we all respect you, and releasing this package was the least thing we could do.”

In his brief remarks, Mostafa Abtahi, the managing director of Iran’s Visual Media Institute, also expressed thanks to Derakhshandeh for making films, which reflect social realities.

“This collection contains the best works a creative Iranian woman could have made on social issues. All the films are released with English subtitles for use by foreign audiences,” he added.

For her part Derakhshandeh also thanked the organizers and said that the subject of the family is of high importance, while it is also a great social issue, adding, “Families face many problems and we should not censor ourselves.

“I as a cineaste, I want to feel that I myself am in the society. I want to relate in my words and I want my films to be screened especially on television, which functions like a public university,” she explained.

She asked the officials to trust the filmmakers so that they can freely reflect their thoughts in their films.

The collection also carries “Passing through the Dust”, “Little Bird of Happiness”, “Endless Dreams”, “Mute Contact” and “Wet Dreams”.