Art and ExperienceIranian movies ‘Coldness’ and ‘Houra’ will go on screen at the 14th Chennai International Film Festival.

Houra directed by Gholamreza Sagharchian and Coldness (Soyuq) by Bahram and Bahman Haj Abol Loo (Ark) will participate in the competition section of Indian event due on November 9-11.

Coldness is about a family who is facing financial difficulties and their 8 year old son is constantly anxious and wets himself at school. His social anxiety forces him to continuously hide under his mother’s chador. To help her son overcome his fears and to make him forget this bad habit, his mother decides to take her chador off whenever she picks him up from school.

Houra narrates the story of a rural teenage boy, Hadi, who lives with his family in the desert margins in Tehran-Mashhad railroad track. Hadi tries to keep alive a garden, which is the only legacy of his mother’s past.

Houra grabbed NETPAC Award at All Lights India International Film Festival in India, in October.

The Chennai International Film Festival (CIFF) is a festival organized in the city of Chennai, India, by a film society, the Indo Cine Appreciation Foundation (ICAF). The event aims at providing a common platform for the film fraternity to show its expression through films; understanding other cultures and project the excellence of this art form; contribute to the understanding and appreciation of film cultures of the different nations in the context of the social and cultural ethos; and promote friendship and cooperation among peoples of the world.