Art and ExperienceBilled as Iran first cinematic concert, ‘Twenty-one Days Later’ music event is set to be held in Iranian capital city of Tehran.

The cinematic concert treatment of Mohammad Reza Kheradmandan’s latest work will performed by Iranian musician Mehdi Yarrahi later this mounth.

The musician whose eponymous song served as a soundtrack to ‘Twenty-one Days Later’ film will perform the piece along with some other music tracks.

The Iranian film premiered at the ‘Soda-ye-Simorgh’ section of the 35th Fajr Film Festival.

‘Twenty-one Days Later’ starring Sareh Bayat and Hamidreza Azarang, is a melodrama about a teenager who has to struggle with several challenges in order to fulfill his dad’s wishes.

The film’s synopsis reads, “It’s always the same! The last time the sky started getting cloudy, the weather became so wild that the storm could have pulled down the trees. It was pouring rain, the birds were screaming around their nests. One of the guys said he saw the sun flashing dim and light once or twice.”

Grabbing a nomination for Best Visual Effects Crystal Simorgh, ‘21 Days Later’ was among the most popular audience picks at the 35th edition of Iran’s Fajr Film Festival.

The flick currently on the big screen in Iran has drawn big crowds to movie theaters.

Source: ifilmtv