Art and ExperienceA martyred director, Seyyed Morteza Avini’s name is reminiscent of honesty, perseverance and conscientiousness. ifilm brings you what this highly praised martyr shared with the Iranian nation, of his brilliant ideas and doctrine, in a few installments.

In this part, we’re going to briefly explore the martyr’s biography and his early film career, as his official website puts it.

The honorable martyr was born in 1947 in Shahr-e Ray. Having completed his senior high, he did a master’s in architecture at university of Tehran, the College of Fine Arts. Before the revolution, he was enthusiastic to delve into literature, which made him read many books in that arena.

After the victory of the Islamic revolution, and the establishment of Construction Jihad, incorporated under a decree by Late Imam Khomeini, (in 1979), Avini joined the body, and travelled to the farthest villages nationwide, to resolve underdevelopment problems nagging from before the revolution.

Having witnessed the cruelty and injustice instigated by the toppled monarch regime, Avini began to consider producing films for the organization he was affiliated to. So, his first production, a TV series titled ‘Lord-Bitten’, i.e. those upon whom bulky damage was caused by the pre-revolution class, called Lords.

Just a year later, the martyr joined the Construction Jihad television team, as a reporter for the organization. The ‘Revayat-e-Fat’h’, or ‘Chronicles of Victory’ series, depicting the bravery of Iranian fighters at the war front with the Iraqi forces (based on western countries’ published documents, 44 countries backed the then Iraqi dictator, Saddam, in an imposed war against the Iranian nation).

In the future installments, you’ll read more about Martyr Avini’s works, and learn about his viewpoints. Stay with ifilm website.

Source: ifilmtv