Art and Experience: Cinéma Vérité has announced the Iranian lineup for the international competition of Iran’s major documentary film festival.

Eight documentaries from Iranian filmmakers will compete with 26 documentaries from across the world in the various categories of the event, the organizers announced on Wednesday.

“Exodus” by Bahman Kiarostami and “Beloved” by Yasser Talebi have been selected for the full-length films section.

“Shouting at the Wind”, co-directed by Siavash Jamali and Ata Mehrad and “Asak” by Mehdi Zamanpur will go on screen in the mid-length film section.

“Ashang” by Mohammad-Sadeq Esmaeili, “Persepolis- Chicago” by Orod Attarpur, “The Season of the Hot Winds” by Hossein Rigi and “Ichthyosis” by Farah Zare’ will compete in the short film section.

The Documentary and Experimental Film Center is the organizer of the Cinéma Vérité festival, which will take place at Tehran’s Charsu Cineplex from December 9 to 16.