Art and Experience: Five documentaries selected from the films screened at Cinéma du Réel, the French international documentary film festival, will be reviewed during the 11th edition of the Cinema Verite festival in Tehran in December.

“On Call” (La Permanence) highlighting refugee crisis in Europe by Alice Diop from France, “Long Story Short”, exploring poverty in the U.S. by Natalie Bookchin from the U.S., and “The Dreamed Ones”, a doc on love and hate by Ruth Beckermann from Austria are among the films, the organizers announced on Monday.

“Mama Colonel” by Dieudo Hamadi from France and Congo and “Through the Looking Glass” by Yi Cui from China are also included.

Cinéma du Réel is organized by the BPI — Public Information Library in Paris.

The Cinema Verite festival also plans to screen “Makala”, a Congo-set non-fiction film by Emmanuel Gras, in a special program.

“Makala”, which follows a young man (Kabwita Kasongo) who lives in the Congolese countryside and works on production of charcoal to give his family a better future, won the Nespresso Grand Prize at the Critics’ Week of the Cannes Film Festival this year.

The Experimental and Documentary Film Center is the organizer of the Cinema Verite festival, which will be held in Tehran from December 10 to 17.

Source: Tehrantimes