Art and Experience: DEFC and EDN are in collaboration organising the second edition of Cinema Verite DocPro. It is a three-day industry program with essential knowledge about the international documentary market and working with documentaries across borders. The program is intended for Iranian documentary professionals wanting to work with international partners.

The three-day program will consist of seminars, presentations and individual meetings where leading international documentary experts will be present to share their knowledge and insight to bringing documentaries across to international audiences.
We expect to have around 10 international guests present for DocPro 2015. So far the following international guests have confirmed their participation:
·        Isabel Arrate, IDFA Bertha Fund, The Netherlands
·        Tabitha Jackson, Sundance Documentary Fund, USA
·        Peter Jäger, Distribution consultant / Autlook Filmsales, Austria
·        Peter Gottschalk, ARTE GEIE, France
Cinema Verite DocPro 2015 will be programmed and conducted by EDN Film Consultant Ove Rishøj Jensen.

Program for Cinema Verite DocPro 2015

Day 1 – seminar: The inside seen from the outside
This one-day seminar session will take a closer look at the inside and outside views in documentary film constructions. This particular look at making documentary films, will lead to essential considerations for bringing Iranian documentaries across to international markets. The seminar is conducted by EDN Film Consultant Ove Rishøj Jensen

Day 2 – presentations: Key documentary players
Leading international documentary players will be present to introduce themselves and the documentaries they support and buy. During the day they will also spotlight key issues in bringing Iranian documentaries on the international market.

Day 3 – individual meetings: Project consultations
The international documentary experts present for Cinema Verite DocPro will have 30-minute individual consultation meetings. This meeting opportunity is available for selected documentary professionals, who are currently having projects in development. The intention with the meetings is to provide individual consultations on project development, international financing, distribution and market opportunities.

Background on Cinema Verite DocPro
This is the second edition of Cinema Verite DocPro, done in collaboration between the Cinema Verite organiser at DEFC and EDN. Taking place in the framework of the 9th edition of the documentary film festival, Cinema Verite DocPro will offer Iranian filmmakers three days of seminars, presentation of international financiers and individual meetings. All focusing on the aspects of working with international documentary projects.

For further information on the Cinema Verite festival, please go to the web site of DEFC – Documentary and Experimental Film Center.