Art and ExperienceThe Iran International Documentary Film Festival (Cinema Verite) has revealed the names of the nominees for its 12th annual event.

After reviewing about 4000 documentaries from 100 countries, Cinema Verite’s selection committee has nominated 26 films from 20 countries and five continents from across the world for screening and competition in this year’s Film Festival.

The following films are divided into three categories of Short, Mid-Length, and Full-Length Documentaries:

Short Documentaries (-40′):

‘Avashesh’ (2018) directed by Akshata Dalvi from India, ‘Leocadia’s Dream’ (2017) directed by Krzysztof Nowicki from Poland, ‘I’m Victor’ (2018) directed by Inna Tsgoeva from Russia, ‘Finding a Woman’ (2017) directed by Sergey Nikolaev from Russia, ‘Lulu: The Pearl Boxer’ (2018) directed by Asimwe John Bibagamba from Tanzania, ‘Doctor’ (2017) directed by Yavuz Üçer from Turkey, ‘Frog Hunters’ (2018) directed by Batuhan Kurt from Turkey, ‘Lumière’ (2017) directed by Hristina Belousova & Dante Rustav from Uzbekistan, and ‘Some of These Days’ (2018) directed by Vincent Förster from the UK.

Mid-Length Documentaries (40-70′):

‘The Limits of Work’ (2017) directed by Apolena Rychlíková from Czech Republic, ‘Marceline. A Woman. ‘A Century’ (2018) directed by Cordelia Dvorak from France & Netherlands, ‘Ragu Rai, an Unframed Portrait’ (2017) directed by Avani Rai from India, Norway & Finland, ‘Iron Khan’ (2017) directed by Nasser Hassan Khanday from India, ‘The Mount of Ants’ (2017) directed by Riccardo Palladino from Italy, ‘Alganesh’ (2018) directed by Lia & Marianna Beltrami from Italy, and ‘Meerim’ (2018) directed by Aleksandra Rechkalova from Russia.

Full-Length Documentaries (70+’):

‘From Music into Silence’ (2018) directed by Farshid Akhlaghi from Australia, ‘Each and Every Moment’ (2018) directed by Nicolas Philibert from France, ‘A Thousand Girls Like Me’ (2018) directed by Sahra Mani from France, ‘Nine Month’s War’ (2018) directed by László Csuja from Hungary & Qatar, ‘Rush Hour’ (2018) directed by Luciana Kaplan from Mexico, ‘Alicia’ (2017) directed by Maaja Ooms from Netherlands, ‘Rough Remote Rumble’ (2018) directed by Jorge Lopez Navarrete from Spain, ‘Angels are Made of Light’ (2018) directed by James Longley from US, Denmark, & Norway, ‘Facing the Dragon’ (2018) directed by Sedika Mojadidi from the US, and ‘Sharkwater: Extinction’ (2018) directed by Rob Stewart from the US.

The 12th annual Cinema Verite Film Festival will be held from December 9-16, 2018. The festival’s motto this year will be ‘The truth is the best guide’ by Imam Ali (AS).

Source: ifilmtv