Art and Experience:  “A moving theatre band performs important and great films of history of cinema in abundant villages and coffeehouses for people in 1989-1974 (In the age of videoplayer forbiddance). The famous theatre director ran-off for making a film during a last decade. It was about eight years ago that we heard that he wanted to make a film based on Mostafa Mastour’s novel named “Pig Bones and Leper Hands” but making the film was cancelled. Rahmanian kept his relationship with cinema by “Book of Law” (Maziar Miri” and “Reward” (Kamal Tabrizi). He lived for a while in Canada and he made a film named “Cancelled” that there is no information about neither its quality nor its time duration because it had no national or international screenings. Finally he made his first movie this year after two-three years of intensive work in theatre and staging cinematic theatres like “My Cinemas”, and “Hamounbazha”. He brought his permanent cast; we should see what will be the result of the first serious step of Rahmanian in cinema. He himself said that if the entire world say my film is bad I know that I made a good one!


Writer and Director: Mohammad Rahanian, Director of Photography: Touraj Mansouri, Set and Costume Designer: Mohen Shah Ebrahimi, Sound Recorder: Parviz Abnar, Produce Manager: Mohammadreza Mansouri, Producer: Touraj Mansouri, Produced by Development Center of Cinematic Technology