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 Five Iranian movies are competing in the Lebu International Film Festival, which opened in the Chilean city on March 13.

“The Kites” by Seyyed Payam Hosseini, “Passport” by Kusha Afrasiabi, “Recess” by Navid Nikkhah-Azad and “Yellow” by Sahar Mahmudi have been selected to be screened in the international short fiction film competition.

“King Sand” by Zahra Shafiei-Dehaqani is competing in the short animation films section of the festival, which will run until March 21.

“The Kites” is about a girl who is playing on the green slopes of a valley in Kordestan, on the border between Iran and Iraq, when her kite is suddenly swept across the river by the wind. Three boys on the other side see her calling for help, but cannot make out what she is saying: she is just too far away. Separated by the river, the children try to communicate with each other – yet between them lie the explosive remnants of past wars.

“Passport” tells the story of a prestigious doctor who returns to his office building after a few days off. But something strange is happening in the office building. The doctor, who enters his neighbor’s apartment to find out the truth, subconsciously enters an adventure that he has unintentionally started! And the more he tries to get out of this game, the more he sinks! Some of the threads are tied up at the end.

In “Recess”, Sahar, a rebel, decides to run away from school, disguise herself and go to a football game.

“Yellow” is about an 11-year-old girl living in cultural and financial poverty who is forced by her father to marry a 50-year-old man.

“Shah Shen” revolves around the sandmen, who are born from the sand and fill their sandbags, when a dandelion comes from the sky as a sign of life and beauty. However, many people in the arena are unwilling to see the beauty and enjoy its resonance. They keep collecting sand but have a limited time to come and go.

Over 200 films are competing in the 2021 edition of the Lebu International Film Festival, which is the most important Chilean short film event.

Due to the pandemic, the festival is organized online this year.

“We believe that holding the festival online is a tremendous opportunity, since it will allow us to reach audiences from all over the world, while previously, many of them could not travel and participate in the different activities of the event in person,” Lebu director Claudia Pino has said.

Source: tehrantimes